A Delectable Delight
Bombay Fusion’s unique menu is inspired by the nostalgia that the aromatic herbs and spices brings. Git, a passionate cook, and Rabi, an ardent adventure specialist both began their careers mountains of Nepal. Git as a Sherpa chef and Rabi, an experienced adventure outfitter and now CEO of Sacred Summits – a leading adventure travel company in Nepal. Leading people from around the world along treacherous, high altitude treks, Git’s cooking not only helped to sustain tired and exhausted trekkers but brought comfort and joy at the end of a hard day’s trek.
Bombay fusion’s philosophy is based on the culture of Nepal where every guest is honored and offered the best of cuisines. Everyone who walks in to Bombay Fusion is greeted with a Namaste – a Nepali Greeting that translates to – “I respect the soul and spirit within you”. The spices and herbs are carefully selected and blended with natural ingredients to create authentic foods from the exotic Eastern world. Bombay Fusion not only serves Chinese dishes but just as the name suggests, a fusion of Nepali, Indian, Japanese, Vietnamese and Thai cuisines are the best selling dishes.
If you are in Irving, Texas – don’t forget to check Bombay Fusion out – you will be pleasantly surprised by Nepali hospitality and the delightful fusion cuisine served there.